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5 okt 2018 & 6 oktober 2018 | 9.30
Hotel Boschoord - Oisterwijk
€ 495,00
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Two Day Training Presented by Scott R. Woolley in Healing Affairs using Emotionally Focused Therapy

Marriages, civil unions, and other committed romantic relationships typically have as a key element sexual exclusivity, which helps provide safety for the attachment bond. The violation of this basic agreement can lead to devastating attachment injuries, which redefine the very foundational assumptions of relationships and often end up destroying the emotional bonds that keep love relationships strong and healthy.

This workshop provides a typology of affairs and how to treat them. Using video and case demonstration, the workshop focuses on how the 7 EFT attachment injury repair processes can be used to bring healing and safety to couple relationships.


Dr. Scott R. Woolley is a Distinguished Professor and the Systemwide Director of the Couple and Family Therapy Masters and Doctoral Programs in the California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant International University. He is a founder and Director of the San Diego Center for EFT and the Executive Director of the Training and Research Institute for EFT at Alliant ( TRI EFT Alliant). Scott has worked closely with Sue Johnson for many years, and has provided over 40 international trainings in Asia, Europe, and South, Central and North America and over 100 trainings across the United States. Scott maintains an active practice in couple and family therapy.


Course Goals and Objectives

  1. Understand the unique power of attachment theory brings to understanding the impact of affairs.
  1. Gain specific knowledge about 6 main types of affairs and attachment oriented treatment strategies.
  2. Learn how to apply the steps for healing attachment injuries and how they can be applied to relationships where there has been an affair.


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