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EFT with Individuals: creating security within and between

2 okt 2020

Do you enjoy using EFT with Couples and wonder how to apply this powerful model more effectively to your individual clients? 

As with couples, we can use the attachment lens to understand individual client presenting issues. We can explore their negative cycles which create and maintain their emotional distress, reinforcing attachment insecurity. Stage one addresses de-escalation of these cycles; stage two facilitates a shift out of the client's problematic pattern into new, positive cycles, which create and maintain a new sense of felt security with self and other. 

This two day workshop will help you learn to:

  • Use the attachment lens to understand the individual client’s presenting issues.
  • Track and reflect the client’s issues as a negative cycle, both systemically with their interpersonal relationships and internally with their relationship with self.
  • Work with the client’s primary emotions to revise view of self and other.
  • Help client actively shift to a new position based on their core attachment needs.

These two days will include dynamic theory presentation, demonstration tapes from the trainer, small group exercises, role plays, and … three case presentations from you, the participants! If you are interested in bringing in a case

Yolanda von Hockauf is a founding director of the Vancouver Couple & Family Institute. As a therapist in the original research study on EFT for Sue Johnson's doctoral dissertation at the University of British Columbia in 1983, Yolanda has been involved in EFT from the ground up. She is currently a member of the ICEEFT EducationCommittee as well as the International Committee.

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